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              How to make chocolate powder

              Source: Jiangyin Brightsail Machinery Date: 2017.08.17 Clicks:

              For making chocolate powder (cocoa powder), we will recommend you our v shape mixer with agitator inside and ribbon blender.

              Now let me introduce the two chocolate powder mixers for you.

              V Shape Mixer with agitator inside:

              If your capacity is small, it is better to choose the v shape mixer with agitator inside.

              Because its price is lower than ribbon mixer, and it is easier to clean.

              And you can click followed links to know more about our cocoa powder blender.


              V shape mixer with agitator inside:

              Ribbon Mixer:

              If your capacity is big, we will suggest you the ribbon mixing machine.

              It has a good effect on blending big capacity powder.

              Followed is the video of our chocolate powder ribbon blender.