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              What Kinds Of Materials Are Suitable For V Tumble Mixer

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              The V Tumble Mixer consists of two cylinders butt-welded containers and their reinforced mixing elements. It has single V-type and multi-V-type series equivalents. When the container rotates, the mixing material will flow in two streams when the top angle of the cylinder turns upward, then the top angle turns downward, and the material will flow into the top angle. So the mixing can be achieved by repeatedly dividing and merging, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

              Under what circumstances are V mixers suitable for use?

              1. When mixed with frictional mixed materials,

              2. When the mixture of fluidity and physical properties is small, the mixture of powder and particle is small.

              3, when the mixing degree is not high and the mixing time is short.

              4. When mixing granular materials which are easy to break and wear easily,

              5. When mixed with finer powder and lump, containing a certain amount of water.

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