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              Selection knowledge and operation principle of airflow crusher

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              Airflow crusher such as Cocoa Powder Grinder,selection small knowledge, if you have the airflow crusher selection needs, that how to carry on the related choice, look at it together. First you need to consider the choice is a clear advantage, energy saving, and in the current is more advanced equipment model. Its processing ability is strong, relatively speaking wear and tear is small. In structure, compact and small size. At the same time in the processing, the system temperature is low and so on these advantages.

              How jet mill for superfine grinding, crushing principle of it is that the jet mill by the high-speed airflow, air supply system of high-speed airflow to crushing system, causing the material for high-speed rotation, spinning process, material and material mutual collision, shear and friction, and then achieve the superfine grinding material. Airflow crusher can be used in a wide range of applications, can be applied to high hardness such as diamond, high purity such as chemical, low-temperature processing of medicine, etc., can choose airflow crusher.

              Airflow crusher can also operate in the aseptic state, the production process is continuous, the production capacity is large, automatic control, high degree of automation. Realization of joint operations, because when use high pressure saturated steam overheat during grinding, but at the same time of material crushing and drying, and can be used as a blending machine, the material in the smash the at the same time, can be sprayed into the solution of concentration required, to cover the solid fine particles, to form a coating layer and the surface modification, and therefore, airflow pulverization can be combined with grinding surface coating and surface modification.

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