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              How To Buy An Air Classifier Mill?

              Source: Date: 2018.08.29 Clicks:
              A good Air Classifier Mill has the following characteristics
              1. It adopts stainless steel material allowed by medicine, meets GMP requirements, the production process is completely sealed, no dust overflows, and the material has no loss.
              2, the smashing temperature is low - without the cooling system in the case of continuous operation, the powder temperature produced will never exceed 50 degrees. For customers with special requirements, we can configure a low temperature system with a minimum temperature of minus 35 degrees. 3, for any fibrous, high toughness, high hardness or a certain moisture content of the material can be applied; for pollen or other spore plants that require breaking the cell wall material, the breaking rate can reach 95%.
              4, can be added to water, alcohol or other liquid for wet pulverization, or through the gas for protective smashing.
              5. The pulverization rate is 100%, almost no loss.
              The processing object of the Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer has strong adaptability, and can adapt to various kinds of traditional Chinese medicines with different types and varieties, different characteristics, and very different; animal medicine, mineral medicine, toughness, brittleness, high hardness, low Hardness, high fiber content, high oil content, high sugar content, etc., can be pulverized to cell-level micropowder after a certain process.

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