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              How To Use The Ribbon Mixer Correctly

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              The use of Ribbon Mixer is very extensive. Agriculture, construction, industry, etc., agriculture is mainly used for the agitation of pesticides on seeds, and the mixing of fertilizers is more uniform. In the construction industry, the main fluid mixing is timely, like cement mortar. The industrial aspect is mainly used by chemical companies. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the ingredients of different ingredients are uniformly mixed together to form a compound; the contact surface area of the material can also be increased to promote the chemical reaction. Then the professional Ribbon Mixer Factory will tell you how to use the ribbon mixer correctly.
              1. For the preparation of the additive premix, the method should be carried out according to the step of mixing from a small amount of mixing to a small amount of mixing to a medium amount of mixing and then to a large amount of mixing. The correct order of material addition should be: the component with a large proportion is added first or most of it is added to the machine, then a small amount and a small amount of components are added on it; in various materials, generally the group with large particle size It is added to the mixer first, and then the particle size is small; when the difference in specific gravity between the materials is large, the material with a small specific gravity is generally added first, and then the material with a larger specific gravity is added.
              2. For fixed-container mixers, the ribbon mixer should be started before feeding to prevent full-load start-up, and the machine must be stopped before unloading; while the rotating container mixer should be started after feeding, first When the machine is stopped, the material is discharged. For the V-type ribbon mixer, the feed should be fed separately from the two feed ports.
              3. In order to ensure the mixing quality, the running performance of the mixer should be checked regularly. Lubricating the bearings and the moving shaft joints frequently, repairing and replacing the loss parts in time, and correctly determining the best mixing according to the sampling result of the uniformity. time. Always check the operation of each switch, clean the machine debris, remove the residual material around the door switch, and make the door switch flexible.
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