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              How To Improve The Efficiency Of Airflow Crusher

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              Airflow crusher , one kind of Rice Powder Grinder,it is a relatively precise machine, and some details in the daily use and maintenance process still need the attention of operators. In order to improve the crushing efficiency of airflow crusher, it is necessary to check whether the raw materials meet the requirements before production, and it is strictly prohibited to mix foreign substances in the raw materials. During production, a certain amount of materials must be kept in the grinding chamber of the airflow crusher. Under the condition of constant pulverized gas flow, there are many materials in the grinding cavity, and the mechanical and electrical flow of the classifier is large. There are few materials in the grinding chamber and the mechanical and electrical flow of the classifier is small. In addition, the feeding speed must be uniform and stable, not too fast or too slow. If the feeding speed is too fast, the equipment will be overloaded.

              And regular maintenance of equipment, always check whether the gas supply pressure is to crush the required pressure, the classification of motor and jet mill, equipment operation after 3000 hours, or long-term outage again after long-term storage before use, please clean up the adhesion in the nozzle of the jet mill and grinding chamber wall and sticking to the grading on the part of the material, in order to prevent the impact crushing effect of jet mill.

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              We are the Rice Grinding Machine Supplier ,The above points are noted to ensure that the airflow mill has been a very high grinding efficiency for your work, if you have other questions welcome to inquire.