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              Itroduction Of Chili Powder Making Machine

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              Chili Powder Making Machine

              I. Main USES:

              Chili Powder Making Machine is a crushing, dust - absorbing continuous discharge as one of the crushing equipment.

              Ii. Structure and working principle

              Pepper dust collector is composed of main machine (casing, door, turbine, main shaft, screen), cyclone separator, belt pulley, motor, dust removal box and induced draft fan, etc. When the pepper crusher rotates, the motor drives the spindle and turbine to rotate at high speed. The grinding pair is composed of the turbine and the grinding blocks on the screen ring. When the materials enter the machine cavity from the feeding hopper, they are closely rubbed and strongly impacted on the inside of the turbine blade in the turbine's rotating airflow, and are ground again in the gap between the blade and the grinding blocks.

              chili grinder

              While grinding materials, the turbine inhales a large amount of air, which plays a role in cooling the machine, grinding materials and conveying fine materials. The fineness of material grinding depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the amount of material and air passing through. The bearing parts of the Chili Grinder are equipped with a special labyrinth seal, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the bearing chamber, thus extending the service life of the bearing. The door is equipped with a silicone rubber seal ring, no dust leakage and pollution of the operating environment. The control particle size can be determined by changing the screen, and can be used to recycle the material with the first or second level, without dust. The main engine is cooled by water. No dust flies in the production process. Chilli mill has small size, low energy consumption, smooth transmission, low noise, high sealing, good self-cooling function, easy to replace parts.