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              How Is The Mixing Effect Of The Ribbon Mixer

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              When using a Ribbon Mixer, we are very concerned about the mixing effect. The mixing effect of the ribbon mixer is affected by many factors. Let me introduce it to you in detail.
              The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, beautiful appearance, small occupied area, easy cleaning, and good mixing effect of other features. The mixing device rotates mechanically to make the stirring paddle rotate, the reciprocating flow promotes the material, the mixing is uniform, the operation and the electric control can be set, and the mixing is automatically stopped, thereby improving the quality of each batch of raw materials. The ribbon mixer switch, when setting the mixing, press the switch, the material obtained by the mechanical transmission reciprocates!
              When the moving part of the mechanical agitator rotates, it also produces a shearing liquid through the wall of the container through which the liquid flows and the fixed components installed in the container, but also subjected to shearing action, which can cause many local eddy currents to diffuse. Stirring convection diffusion and eddy current diffusion increase the diffusion distance of different liquid molecules' diffusion surface area, thereby shortening the diffusion time.
              The above is the introduction of the Ribbon Mixer Manufacturer for the mixing effect of the ribbon mixer. If you have any questions, please come and consult us.
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