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              Overwhelming Advantages For Spice Powder Milling

              Source: Date: 2018.10.13 Clicks:

              1) Make finer spice powder

              Usually, for common hammer mills, the final spice powder they can produce is 10~40mesh. But our BSDF Spice Powder Mill Machine advanced hammer mill can make 40~80mesh spice powder.

              Reason: Because of its totally different structure,it combines coarse crusher,middle fine milling and fine milling together, which means material can be milled three times in a very short time, almost at the same time.

              2) Directly feed big raw spice materials, no need previously coarse crushing step any more

              Reason:The Spice Grinding Machine combines 3-stage grinding (coarse crusher, middle fine mill and fine mill) in one mill chamber, which means it can make fine powder directly from big raw material, very effective, and no need to use a coarse crush as a pre-mill.

              3) No overheating problem

              while milling, there is almost no big heat rising in mill chamber.

              Reason:This type mill does not need screen or sieve in mill chamber, change powder particle size by changing speed.Because it has no screen in mill chamber,while milling, there is almost no heat rising in mill chamber;

              No need to worry about powder gets stuck in the screens or product quality be affected by the heat from the mill.

              That's why it is very suitable for grinding heat-sensitive material or material contains fiber or a little oil. 

              4) Unaffected spice powders quality

              When you need to grind spice, if the powder once stay in a very hot environment, the quality (smell,taste) will be affected.But if you use BSDF type hammer mil for spice grinding, the powder quality will not easily get affected.

              Reason: This type has no problem of overheating for its special structure. No need screen or sieve in mill chamber, change powder particle size by changing speed; 3-stage grinding parts(coarse crusher, middle fine mill and fine mill) are combined in one mill chamber.

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