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              The Future Development Of The Crusher

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              Different materials have different pulverization characteristics, and often require different pulverization methods. The Fine Powder Grinder in food processing is generally a gas flow stainless steel pulverizer, and the Air Classifier Mill is a relatively advanced ultrafine pulverization equipment. The temperature rise during processing is low, which is especially suitable for the processing of heat-sensitive foods, but the energy consumption is large. The rubber mill is widely used in the ultra-fine grinding process of food, which is a relatively traditional method. According to the literature, 95-99% of the pulverization energy of mechanical pulverization becomes heat, so the temperature rise of the material is unavoidable. Thermal foods are prone to deterioration, melting, and viscous, and the ability to crush the machine is also reduced. For this purpose, an appropriate cooling method can be used before or during pulverization. For the same kind of food materials, it is often necessary to combine various pulverizing methods to be effectively pulverized; each pulverizing equipment often has multiple pulverizing methods; the energy required for pulverizing and increasing the surface area in the pulverizing process is far greater than The actual total input energy is low, indicating that the actual input energy of the stainless steel pulverizer may far exceed the effective energy consumption. In other words, the energy saving of the stainless steel pulverizer has great potential to be tapped.
              The application of ultrafine pulverization technology in food processing has two important points. One is to improve the taste of food and to facilitate the absorption of nutrients. The second is to develop new foods, and the raw materials that could not be fully absorbed or utilized are reused. , preparation and deep processing into a variety of functional foods, increased new food varieties, and improved resource utilization.
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