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              The Difference Between BS Hammer Pulverizing Unit And BSDF Advanced Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

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              What is the difference between the BS hammer pulverizing unit and the BSDF advanced hammer pulverizer? Let Stainless Steel Hammer Mill Supplier give you a brief introduction.

              1)When two machine’s power consumption is same;
              BSDF’s capacity is much bigger than BS hammer mill unit
              2)About grind effect
              BSDF can make finer powder than BS because of its totally different structure,it combines coarse crusher,middle fine milling and fine milling together, which means material can be milled three times in a very short time, almost at the same time. 
              When using BS hamme mill, there is only one group of knives. Because it needs screen mesh inside the mill chamber, if you need finer powder,you need to change a finer sieve, capacity will drop a lot, especially for oily spice or hard herbs or herbs contains a lot of fiber,if you put a finer mesh,you can imagine how the screen may get blocked of the oil, fine screen mesh is afraid of oil. When you grind some hard herbs, when using a fine screen mesh, the screen just break in a very short time.
              3) About using
              BS needs screens as quick-wear spare part, finer the screen is, shorter the screen life will be , and when you want to change the powder size, you have to change the different screen; After one year later, knife may needs to be replaced into new knife.
              BSDF Stainless Steel Hammer Mill is much more advanced and conveniently, change powder size by changing speed by setting the number of inverter.After one year later, knife may needs to be replaced into new knife with liner.
              4) About feeding
              You can see, BSDF combine coarse crusher,middle fine milling and fine milling together, which means: when your raw material is big or long, like turmeric,ginger, cinnamon,some long herbs, some big herbs, you don’t need to cut or crush them first, you can feed them directly in.
              But BS, the feed size requirement is < 10 mm, or smaller, or the machine will get blocked in the feed part.
              So, BSDF is much more efficient.
              5) About heat(temperature)
              When using BSDF, there is no screen mesh in mill chamber, temperature will not rise or only rise a little.
              When using BS, screen mesh will get blocked slowly (when grinding material with oil, the mesh will get blocked very fast), then temperature in mill chamber will rise, then the whole machine’s temperature will rise,including the pipe, heat will make the oily powder stick inside the machine.
              6)About powder’s quality
              No matter you will grind food or spice or herbs, if the powder once stay in a very hot environment, the quality (smell,taste) will be affected.
              I have explained above, BS will always produce more heat than BSDF because of their different mill structure
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