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              What Is A Dry Powder Mixer

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              First. Overview of Dry Powder Mixer
              The dry powder mixer is a machine that uniformly mixes two or more kinds of powder materials by mechanical force, gravity, or the like. The dry powder mixer can mix a variety of materials into a homogeneous mixture; it can also increase the contact surface area of the material to promote chemical reaction; it can also accelerate physical changes, such as the addition of granular solute to the solvent, and accelerate the dissolution and mixing by the action of the mixing machine.
              Second, dry powder mixer application
              Dry powder mixer is widely used in the drying and mixing of dry powder mortar, chemical, pesticide, metallurgy, detergent, pigment food, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives and other powders.
              Third, dry powder mixer classification
              Commonly used dry powder mixers are: coulter mixer, ribbon mixer, intensive mixer, Double Paddle Mixer, double helix cone mixer.
              Fourth, the precautions in the use of dry powder
              1. The mixer must have leakage protection to ensure the safety of the workers.
              2. Do not put your hand into the running hoist, mixer and finished product bin arching device.
              3. When the mixer is running, do not open its partial door cover and check the hole.
              4. All operating parts should be rotated in the direction indicated by the arrow (or required).
              5. The unit should be installed away from fire, ventilation and light transmission.
              6. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble or modify the circuit control system at will.
              7. Pay attention to the daily lubrication of each lubrication department. Refueling part: reducer on the mixer, shaft head at both ends of the mixer main shaft, and upper and lower ends of the hoist.
              Dry powder mixer