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              How To Choose Chemical Powder Grinder

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              The choice of pulverizing Chinese medicine has the advantage that it can be pulverized for traditional Chinese medicines of various natures. The fineness is the best among the similar Chinese medicine pulverizers. The strong wind is automatically cooled. The Chemical Powder Grinder is not easy to heat for a long time, and the pulverization ranges from 0.5 kg to thousands. Can be used for small quantities, WKX-160 for small amount crushing, WKX-230 or 200,300 type Chinese herbal Pharmaceutical Grinder for medium crushing, 300 and 400 Chinese herbal medicine crushing units for large batch crushing; crushing brittle and hard Chinese medicine, the amount is more Small, tens of grams to several kilograms, you can choose low noise pulverizer, small high speed pulverizer or experimental pulverizer;

              If the uniformity of uniformity is required, a low-noise pulverizer or an experimental pulverizer is required; if the drug is required to have no loss at all, a small high-speed pulverizer is required; the Chinese medicinal material pulverizer uses an automatic iron-removing feeding device, including a silo, The ram and the chute are characterized by an electromagnetic vibrating feeding mechanism composed of a feed trough and an electromagnetic vibration, and a permanent magnet is arranged at the bottom of the feeding trough; the original medicinal material of the silo passes through the chute into the feeding trough, and passes electromagnetic vibration. The device drives the feed tank to vibrate, so that the original medicinal material in the tank moves forward into the pulverizer. During the moving process, the iron in the original medicinal material is adsorbed at the bottom of the tank, preventing the pulverizer from being damaged by the iron and the medicinal material being ignited. accident. The purpose of automatic feeding and automatic iron removal of chemical pulverizer is realized.

              Chemical powder grinder