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              What Are The Reasons For The High And Low Yield Of The Leaf Powder Mill

              Source: Date: 2018.10.25 Clicks:
              For the current global, renewable resource equipment has occupied most of the machinery market. Leaf Powder Mill is a kind of renewable resource equipment. There are countless kinds of crusher equipment of various specifications and quality. In the era of network marketing, many manufacturers are mixed, how to From the selection of high-quality wood shredder equipment from many manufacturers, what is the level of wood shredder production?
              One point: the Leaf Powder Grinder has good material appearance and is not desoldered. The internal structure is safe and durable, reducing the risk of failure and speeding up production and efficiency.
              Two points: the hardness of the crushed material. For the wood pulverizer, the wood and special materials of softness and hardness can be pulverized, but relatively hard materials are relatively resistant to pulverization, the wear of the blades is severe, the pulverizing ability is also reduced, and the production efficiency is natural. Will drop some.
              Three points: the specifications of the wood shredder. The thickness of the material in the pulverization process is determined by the screen. The different materials are pulverized and equipped with different pore size screens. The finer the screen, the sawdust is finer, and the production capacity is smaller. The larger the mesh size is. The smashed sawdust is relatively large, which is also convenient for material discharge, and the relative production efficiency and output will increase a lot.

              Four points: The material of the material is in density. There are many kinds of crushed materials. The quality of different materials is different. There will be differences in crushing. There are many kinds of crushers. It is necessary to communicate the demand to recommend the suitable models.

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