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              Frequent Problems In The Smashing Process

              Source: Date: 2018.09.27 Clicks:
              1) The Chemical Powder Making Machine wears too fast. The hardness of the material is too large. In this case, the inner cavity of the grinder should be selected.
              2) The pulverized product is not uniform. The crushed product is generally a single peak. If there are double peaks or multiple peaks, the main reasons are:
              The crushing pressure is unstable. Solution: On the basis that the gas supply capacity of the gas source equipment can meet the required gas volume, ensure that the minimum gas supply pressure of the gas source is 2 to 3 bar higher than the working pressure.
              The feed rate is unstable. Solution: Check if there is any blockage at the inlet valve; the material is not too sticky, the fluidity is not uniform, and the feed rate is controlled stably.
              3) A filter cake is formed in the pulverizer chamber. Solution: Suspend the crushing work, remove the filter cake in the crusher chamber and resume production.
              The impact of the detection method. The particle size detection result of the pulverized product does not meet the requirements. After the problem of the product generated in the pulverization process is eliminated, the result of the product particle size detection still fails to meet the required result.

              4) The effect of cyclone separation on the pulverization effect. After the pulverized material is separated by cyclone, the pressure in the cyclone is maintained at about 200 to 300 mbar. Under this pressure, the package can be directly packaged at the cyclone outlet, which is the best state of cyclone separation. If the pressure in the cyclone separator is too large, it indicates that the gas output from the discharge port of the Chemical Powder Grinder is large, which will affect the pulverization effect.

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