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              Working Principle And Characteristics Of Cryogenic Grinder

              Source: Date: 2018.11.30 Clicks:
              (1) Working principle
              The Cryogenic Grinder system uses liquid nitrogen as a cold source. After the pulverized material is cooled and chilled at a low temperature, it enters the mechanical pulverizer cavity and rotates through the impeller at high speed. Material and blades, toothed disc, material and material Under the combined action of repeated impact, collision, shearing, friction, etc., the pulverization effect is achieved: the pulverized material is classified by an airflow sieve classifier and collected: the material that does not meet the fineness requirement is returned to the silo to continue to be pulverized, and the air-conditioning is large. Partial return bins are recycled.
              (2) Features

              The Cryogenic Grinding Mill system forms a closed-circuit circulation system during the material pulverization process, so that the energy is fully utilized and the energy consumption is saved: the temperature of the chilling source can be reduced to minus 196 degrees, according to the embrittlement temperature of the material. In the pulverization process, the temperature can be adjusted, the optimal pulverization temperature is selected, and the energy consumption is reduced: the pulverization fineness can reach 10-700 mesh, or even the micron μ fineness: using liquid nitrogen as the grinding medium to achieve ultra-low temperature pulverization, materials The comprehensive effect of explosion-proof, anti-oxidation.

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