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              The Development Prospect Of V Tumble Mixer

              Source: Date: 2018.11.10 Clicks:
              From today's situation, social development is particularly rapid. During this period, some mineral powders are needed, just like in papermaking, plastics, or ceramics. It is often used in the V Tumble Mixer. The mixer is precisely because of this. The characteristics of the V-type mixer have an inestimable development prospect. This is a good grinding equipment with high efficiency. It is also used in the ink industry, the paint industry and the gold mining industry. At present, these products have been continuously improved and continuously improved after more than ten years of development history. In particular, many V Tumble Mixer Supplier continue to pay attention to quality issues and constantly pay attention to the research and development of product functions, making the products have more and more long-term development prospects.
              V-type mixers are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Gravity mixing, low material pressure, high mixing uniformity, low power consumption, easy cleaning of vacuum material and sealing butterfly valve, vacuum butterfly valve for discharging materials, leakage and dust flying.
              The working principle of the V-type mixer is very simple, that is, the length, size and the like of the two cylinders are different, and the pouring effect is achieved. The raw material is thoroughly stirred in its internal space, and various substances can be mixed therein. Of course, the angle and size of its two cylinders create various forces in the interior of the mixer, including balancing forces, interaction forces, etc., so that various materials such as cement and sandstone can be found in them. Mixing well to produce new substances is one of the reasons why it can be mixed well. This principle of operation allows the V-type mixer to achieve the enormous advantages that other mixers cannot achieve, that is, the loss is very small and the pollution is very small. It can be seen that because of its peculiar internal structure 'V' type, it can make full use of its own advantages, let it stand out from the multi-style mixer.

              The V-type mixer is suitable for materials with good material flowability, small difference in physical properties, low material mixing requirements and short mixing time. Due to the stable flow of material in the V-type mixer, it does not destroy the source of raw materials, it is also suitable for the mixture of granular materials which are easy to be broken and easy to wear, or a mixture containing finer powders, chunks and aqueous substances. Played a role in the pharmaceutical industry.

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