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              Trends In The Development Of Fine Powder Grinder

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              Fine Powder Grinder is a new pulverization technology developed to meet the requirements of modern technology. It can process raw materials into micro- or even nano-scale micro-powders, which are already in chemical, food, pesticide, cosmetics, dyes, coatings, electronics, and aviation. Aerospace and many other fields are widely used.
              With the increasing demand of the society, superfine pulverizing equipment is facing great challenges in terms of performance, finished product quality, and service life. Therefore, all Spice Grinding Machine Factory are increasing their own research and development efforts, and constantly improving equipment in ultra-fine Adjustment control technology such as pulverization strength, particle size distribution, and granular crystal form during pulverization work, in order to achieve more efficient production.
              Modern production not only pursues high efficiency of production and quality of finished products, but also develops in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation. The same is true in the pharmaceutical industry. Looking at the requirements of modern social productivity, the overall development trend of China's superfine pulverization technology is toward the reverse development of low cost, high efficiency, strong controllability, good dispersion and stable quality. Higher technical requirements are imposed on various types of ultrafine grinding equipment.
              Although high-purity ultrafine powders are prepared by chemical synthesis, the cost is too high and it is extremely difficult to be used in industrial production. The main means of obtaining ultra-fine powder is still mechanical pulverization. Super-fine pulverization technology is a combination of various technologies, and its development depends on the progress of related technologies. Therefore, the main development trend of superfine crushing equipment has the following aspects:
              (1) Develop a fine grading device that is matched with ultra-fine pulverizing equipment.
              (2) Development of ultra-fine crushing equipment with low energy consumption, small footprint and large processing capacity.

              (3) Integrated development of equipment and process research. Ultra-fine pulverization and supporting equipment must adapt to specific boring characteristics and product indicators, and the scale model must adapt to a large range.

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