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              Unique Performance Of The ACM Grinder

              Source: Date: 2019.02.04 Clicks:
              The Fine Powder Grinder is a kind of equipment with good performance, powerful function and wide application range. It is mainly used to crush some dry materials. It can achieve the function of quickly pulverizing materials, and the smashing effect is very good.
              The fineness is high, the pulverization fineness of the vegetable fiber can reach 8-20μm; the pulverization fineness of the hard and brittle material is 1-5μm, and some special materials are even finer. The low temperature and clever structural design avoid the temperature rise that occurs during comminution. Since the rotation speed of the grinding wheel is relatively low, the heat generated by the friction is greatly reduced; while the airflow takes the material from the pulverization chamber, it also takes away the heat. Therefore, at room temperature, the powder temperature is only below 45 °C, which can meet the needs of most users. Air Classifing Grinder is not necessary to separately configure the cooling device to reduce the cost of use.
              Small footprint, space saving; easy to operate, greatly saving labor costs. Non-polluting, low loss, consumables, all made of high-quality stainless steel, avoiding the entry of other media; the structure of the whole machine is smooth, the material is crushed and collected, and the loss is reduced; the grinding wheel rail is made of special super-hard stainless steel, which is not easy to wear and use. Long life, which reduces the cost of use.

              The control is simple and the adjustability is strong. Since the main motor and the extension motor adopt the frequency conversion control technology, the user can adjust arbitrarily within different fineness ranges, and better meets various fineness requirements. Compact structure, low vibration, no need to fix the anchor screws, can be moved according to the use of the site.

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