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              The Layout Features Of V Cone Blender

              Source: Date: 2018.11.20 Clicks:
              1. V Cone Blender is composed of a U-shaped container, a ribbon stirring blade and a transmission component;
              2, U-shaped long body cylinder layout, covering the small resistance activities of the confused material (powder, semi-fluid) in the cylinder.
              3. The positive and negative rotating screws are placed on the uniform axis to form a low-dynamic and high-efficiency confusing situation. The spiral-shaped blades are usually made into two or three layers, and the outer spiral collects materials from both sides to the middle. The layer spiral transports the material from the middle to the sides, allowing the material to form more eddy currents during the activity. Accelerate the rate of confusion and improve the confusion of symmetry;
              4. The horizontal ribbon confusing machine is a new type of mixing and confusing equipment equipped with high compliance, high uniformity, high loading factor, low energy consumption, low pollution and low rupture.

              5. The product has a wide range of practical applications. It can be used to mix powder and powder, powder and liquid, and it can be mixed with paste, thick or large specific gravity. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, dye, chemical, plastic, ceramic, paint, putty, mortar and other fields.

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