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              The Advantages Of Pharmaceutical Grinder

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              The Air Classifier Mill is a device that realizes ultrafine pulverization of the medicinal material by means of air separation, heavy pressure grinding, and shearing. In the process of Chinese medicine production, medicinal material comminution is a common process. During the pulverization process, the composition and pharmacological effects of the drug should be kept as constant as possible. The ultrafine pulverizer has more advantages in the comminution of Chinese medicinal materials.
              Using the Pharmaceutical Grinder to pulverize the medicinal material can increase the drug absorption rate and improve its bioavailability. According to the introduction of the pulverizing equipment expert, after the Chinese medicine is treated by the ultrafine pulverizer, the particle size will be more fine and uniform, the surface area will increase, the porosity will also increase, and the drug can be well dispersed and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.
              "The medicinal materials after ultrafine pulverization can achieve the original efficacy with a small dose, while for mineral medicinal materials, after ultra-micro treatment, the dissolution and absorption rate in the human body can be accelerated due to the greatly reduced particle size. To improve the absorption." The crushing equipment experts said that the current level of ultra-fine grinding equipment technology is getting higher and higher, but in order to stabilize the clinical efficacy and the uniformity of the product, the market needs more investment in high-end superfine grinding machine.

              Ultrafine pulverization can also retain biological activity and improve efficacy. The author understands that in the process of pulverizing the Chinese medicine superfine pulverizer, it can be controlled without overheating, even under low temperature conditions, and the pulverization speed is fast. For example, Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum is rich in amino acids and trace elements, and has the functions of activating immune function, anti-tumor, anti-thrombosis, etc. After superfine pulverization, the therapeutic effect will be more complete.

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